Combining Ideas

Combining Ideas is putting similar ideas into categories. An example is Intuitive Gestalt.

Title Type
Stepladder technique Method
Ritual Dissent / Assent Method
Our Worst Nightmare Method
Mutual Influence Conversation Method
Human Spectragram Method
Donut Prioritization Method
Solution Room Method
Q-Storming Method
Problem Trees Method
Anticipation Guide Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
Worst and Best Scenario Method
Turn poem into subject keywords story Method
facilitation Method
Appreciative Inquiry 4: Destiny Phase Method
Advanced Dotmocracy Method
Appreciative Inquiry 3: Design Phase Method
Appreciative Inquiry 2: Dream Phase Method
generate ideas, ranking, rating, sorting Method
Productive Thinking Model Method
DO IT Method
Starbursting Method
Delphi Method Method
Final exercise Method
Materials Auction (Construction actvity variant) Method
Communication via leader Method
Group Think Play Method
The Futures Wheel Method
Brain Drain Method
Concept Screening Method
Deserted Island Method
Event! Method
Dilemma Method
Visualizing & Connecting Method
Consensus Mapping Method
Collective Notebook Method
KJ Method Method
One Word Method Method
Missing communication Method
Simultaneous Committees Method
Matrix Method
Decisions Hierarchy: Givens OD1 Method
Facilitating Virtual Teams Method
Dynamic Facilitation Method
Psyched for Life Method
TRIZ Method
Portfolio Development Method
Open Space Technology Method
Appreciative Inquiry 1: Discovery Phase Method
Six Thinking Hats Method
Convergence: Symbol Gestalt Method
Polar Gestalt Method
Convergence: Clustering in Columns Method
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