Reflection / Dialogue

Reflection or Dialogue is the process of thinking about an issue or an idea without necessarily coming to a conclusion. An example is David Bohm?s Dialogue method.

Title Type
What Would the Founders Say? Method
What is our Purpose, Anyway? Method
Value-based Decision Making Method
Sweet Stories Method
Ritual Dissent / Assent Method
Our Worst Nightmare Method
Bohm Dialogue Method
Solution Room Method
Movie Posters Method
What would the Founders Say? Method
Anticipation Guide Method
Juggling Perspectives Method
Geometry Method
Traffic Signs Learning Game Method
Change Management Method
facilitation Method
What would the founders say? Method
Critical Path Method Method
Appreciative Inquiry 4: Destiny Phase Method
Active Pre-plays Method
Active Replay: Investigating What Happened Method
Active Replay: Celebrating What Happened Method
Active Replay: Clarifying What Happened Method
Appreciative Inquiry 3: Design Phase Method
Appreciative Inquiry 2: Dream Phase Method
Fear in a Hat Method
Zoom & Re-Zoom Method
Reviewing with ropes Method
Quick Reviews in 10 minutes Method
Quick Reviews in 20 minutes Method
Quick Reviews in 5 minutes Method
Quick Reviews in 2 minutes Method
Quick Reviews in 1 minute Method
Creative Reviewing Method
Doing a round Method
Be useful Method
Ten Words Method
DO IT Method
Processing Presentations (OD-1) Method
$ 86,400 to spend! Method
Delphi Method Method
Cartoon story board Method
Final exercise Method
Collegial Consultancy Exercise Method
Communication via leader Method
Group Think Play Method
The Futures Wheel Method
Brain Drain Method
Idea Search Method
Chanceful Thinking Method
Thinkx Method
Fresh Eye Method
Key Words Method
The Brick Team Exercise Method
Dominos: A Communication Exercise Method
Creating Discussion Groups Method
Bridges, Magnets, and Islands Method
Content Processing Method
News Spot Method
Troubleshooting Method
Needs and Offers Negotiation Method
Making Differences Visible Method
Cut up and Move Around Method
Gallery Tour or Walk Method
Discussion of a model Method
Affinity Diagram Method
Analyzing Method
Gap Analysis Method
Sequential Questioning Method
Circle Discussion Method
Open Discussion Method
Wagon Wheel (Activity Debrief) Method
Debriefing a Traumatic Event Method
Bridges Exercise Method
Imaging a Successful Event Method
Making a Team Video Method
Decisions Hierarchy: Givens OD1 Method
Cross Word Exercise Method
Tinker-toy exercise Method
Facilitating Virtual Teams Method
Boxes Introduction to Creative Problem Solving Method
Dynamic Facilitation Method
Psyched for Life Method
Debriefing Wheel Method
TRIZ Method
Portfolio Development Method
Hope Conversation Method
Dealing with feelings Assessment Method
The Sage Conversation Method
Left-hand, Right-hand Column Method
Leadership Conversation Method
Introductions Conversation Method
Informal Networks Conversation Method
Appreciative Inquiry 1: Discovery Phase Method
Qualities of Leadership Conversation Method
Global Trends Conversation Method
The Leader as Guide Method
Good Friend Conversation Method


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