Analysis is a group process where the group develops a deeper understanding of the topic being looked at. An example is Gap Analysis.

Title Type
The Wall of Woe Method
Our Worst Nightmare Method
Mutual Influence Conversation Method
Human Spectragram Method
Q-Storming Method
Problem Trees Method
What would the Founders Say? Method
Anticipation Guide Method
gap analysis Method
Golden Fish and Bridge Method
Juggling Perspectives Method
Geometry Method
Change Management Method
Critical Path Method Method
Boundary Examination Method
Appreciative Inquiry 4: Destiny Phase Method
Advanced Dotmocracy Method
Flowchart Method
System Modeling Method
Force Field analysis Method
Run chart Method
Histogram Method
Scatter diagram Method
Benchmarking Method
Pareto Chart Method
Appreciative Inquiry 3: Design Phase Method
Appreciative Inquiry 2: Dream Phase Method
Gannt Chart Method
Client Window Method
Cause-and-Effect-Diagram Method
Assumption Articulation Method
Reviewing with ropes Method
Creative Reviewing Method
Be useful Method
Appreciation Method
workshop Method
Influence Frame Method
Level of Influence Method
Imaging Markets Method
Materials Auction (Construction actvity variant) Method
Group Think Play Method
Idea Search Method
The Futures Wheel Method
Brain Drain Method
Nominal Group Technique Method
NUF Test Method
Challenge Method
Concept Fan Method
Fresh Eye Method
Thinkx Method
Cherry Split Method
KJ Method Method
Missing communication Method
SOLVE Method
Issue Analysis Method
Cut up and Move Around Method
Making Differences Visible Method
Force Field Analysis Method
Best, Worse, Most Probable Method
Cause and Effect Charting Method
Reframing Problems Method
Fishbone Analysis Method
Defining the Problem Method
Analyzing Method
Gap Analysis Method
Interdependency Matrix Method
Ballooning Method
SWOT Analysis Method
Opportunity and Threat Grid OD-7 Method
Value Drivers and Critical Success Factors Workshop OD 6 Method
Backward Mapping Method
Business Context Diagram OD3 Method
Decisions Hierarchy: Givens OD1 Method
Project Scaling Exercise OD2 Method
Facilitating Virtual Teams Method
TRIZ Method
Portfolio Development Method
Problem Definition Method
Left-hand, Right-hand Column Method
Relationship Diagram Method
Theme Analysis Workshop Method
If Then Assumptions Method
Appreciative Inquiry 1: Discovery Phase Method
SWOT Analysis Review Method
Open Space Technology Method
Stories of Cross-Cultural Learnings Method
Feedback Loops Exercise Method
Plotting Newspaper Articles in the Social Processes Method
Six Thinking Hats Method
What contributes? Method
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