Ice Breakers and Energizers

Ice Breakers and Energizers are those activities that help groups become better acquainted, animated or focused. An example is The Post Card Exercise

Title Type
The Wind Blows For Method
The Greeting Game Method
Sweet Stories Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
Earthquake! Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
Game Breaks (Word Search) for Online Facilitation Method
Anticipation Guide Method
classic Method
Just One Lie Method
energizer Method
Geometry Method
Punctuality Poker Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
Change Management Method
facilitation Method
Musical Neighbors Method
Have you ever...? Method
Animal Sounds Method
Zoom & Re-Zoom Method
Categories Method
Human Knot Method
2 truths & a lie Method
Group Juggle Method
Sing on and find your companion Method
Don't let your partners down Method
Marooned Method
workshop Method
Stand up if Method
Truth and lies Method
Circle of friends Method
Introduce your partner Method
Personal Crest: Method
Force-Fit Game Method
Let's make rhythm Method
Taking a walk Method
Eye colour Method
Think of a paradize Method
Deserted Island Method
Event! Method
Who's line is it anyway? Method
Dilemma Method
Do Nothing Method
Chanceful Thinking Method
Sculptures Method
The guessing game Method
Celebrity ID game Method
One Word Method Method
Focus on Red Method
Elephant, Giraffe, Toaster Method
Buzz Click Method
Tune in to Topic Method
Human Map Method
The Brick Team Exercise Method
Hidden Gifts Exercise Method
Factoid Method
Crazy Brain Gym Method
Stamping Feet with Lion's Roar Method
Lazy 8s Method
Lining Up Method
Showing Something about Me Method
The Knot Method
Rock-Paper-Scissors Tag Method
Prui (pronounced 'proo-eee') Method
Bomb and Shield Method
BaaBaaTwinkleEFG Method
Guess My Chew Method
wikki stix team building Method
Panther, Person, Porcupine Method
The Sound and the Fury Method
Group Juggling Method
Junkyard Golf Method
Ten Kinds of Person Method
Questions Method
quotations Method
Focus Conversation Method
Curious Ice Breaker Method
Wagon Wheel (Ice Breaker) Method
Team Work Style Method
Personal Appreciation Exercise Method
Dynamic Systems Ice Breaker Method
Dynamic Systems Exercise Method
Bridges Exercise Method
Up-down-right-left Method
Creative Consultants Method
Making a Team Video Method
Brain Gym Method
Graffiti on the walls Method
Values Name Tags Introductions Method
Blind Walk Method
Boxes Introduction to Creative Problem Solving Method
The Sage Conversation Method
Martian Method
Metaphor Introductions Method
Personal Pictures Method
Non-Verbal Walk Method


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