Openings are those methods that enable a group to begin a workshop or meeting. An example is creating an Agenda with the Group.

Title Type
What Would the Founders Say? Method
What is our Purpose, Anyway? Method
Value-based Decision Making Method
The Wind Blows For Method
The Greeting Game Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
Mutual Influence Conversation Method
Finding your Team Method
Anticipation Guide Method
Just One Lie Method
Punctuality Poker Method
Recipes for Teamwork Method
facilitation Method
What would the founders say? Method
Arrival Marbles Method
Fear in a Hat Method
Have you ever...? Method
Animal Sounds Method
Zoom & Re-Zoom Method
Categories Method
Human Knot Method
2 truths & a lie Method
Group Juggle Method
Reviewing with ropes Method
Session Context Method
Introduction Interview Method
Levelling of expectations Method
Race for the truth Method
Circle of friends Method
Introduce your partner Method
Join the Organization Method
Personal Crest: Method
$ 86,400 to spend! Method
Group Think Play Method
Brain Drain Method
The Futures Wheel Method
Nominal Group Technique Method
Idea Search Method
Let's make rhythm Method
Deserted Island Method
Dilemma Method
Who's line is it anyway? Method
Visualizing & Connecting Method
Predict the worst Method
Missing communication Method
Tune in to Topic Method
Human Map Method
Working Assumptions Method
The Invisible Chest of Gifts Method
Hidden Gifts Exercise Method
Lining Up Method
Showing Something about Me Method
Group Juggling Method
the paper clip method Method
Success Criteria Method
Playing with the Topic Method
Opening Conversation Method
Creating the Real Question Method
Create Agenda with the Group Method
Check-in Method
Junkyard Golf Method
Ten Kinds of Person Method
quotations Method
Questions Method
Focus Conversation Method
Team Work Style Method
Hooking into prior knowledge Method
Personal Appreciation Exercise Method
Graffiti on the walls Method
Values Name Tags Introductions Method
Blind Walk Method
TRIZ Method
The Sage Conversation Method
Introductions Conversation Method
Throwing Names Method
Something from Home Method
Silhouettes Method
Siblings Method
Remote Control Cars Method
Find the Identity Method
Detachment Game Method
Autographs Method
Sources of Conflict Conversation Method
Team Jigsaw Puzzle Game Method
Getting to Know You Method
Quote for the Day Method
Clown Poster Reflection Method
Teachers reflection Method
Global Citizen Conversation Method
Differences in Comprehension Method
Change Discussion Method
5 Ps of Preparation Method
Personal Appreciation Workshop Method
Postcards Method
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