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The "Privacy Statement for the International Association of Facilitators" applies to the IAF Methods Database as well. The main points are summarized below. In case of discrepancy, the longer document is authoritative.


You can access the IAF Methods Database and browse it without disclosing any personal data. You may communicate with other visitors or post information to be accessed by others. Full database access will be limited to IAF Methods Database team.


Advertising on the IAF Methods Database is of interest to product and service providers wanting to focus on professional facilitators and related professionals (e.g. management consultants, management researchers, managers, teamleaders, business students). Visitors of this site often have a profile as trend setters, early adopters and opinion leaders. The site is used in relatively long sessions to exchange views, publish work, or to research latest developments in management in general and group facilitation in particular.


You need to register to access all sections of this site. Registration is free. As a registered user you have access to the Research and the Downloads section, and to a free newsletter. There's a comments section per method for in depth discussions. You can download files, query the methods list or view FAQ's. As a registered user you may add your own methods to this database. Registration page.


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