The Complete Guide to Facilitation: Enabling Groups to Succeed

Why has facilitation become so important?

The Facilitator's Fieldbook (2nd Edition)

Getting teams and groups to function productively is a challenge. For years The Facilitator's Fieldbook has been giving group leaders what they need to make everything run more smoothly. Now fully updated, the Second Edition is truly jam-packed with step-by-step procedures, checklists and guidelines, samples and templates, and more.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration: The International Association of Facilitators Handbook (J-B International Association of

Collaboration is often viewed as a one-time or project-oriented activity. An increasing challenge is to help organizations incorporate collaborative values and practices in their everyday ways of working. In Creating a Culture of Collaboration, an international group of practitioners and researchers–from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and the United States–provide proven approaches to creating a culture of collaboration within and among groups, organizations, communities, and societies.

Moderating Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Group Facilitation

"Like every other agency research director, I suffer from focus-group anxiety. Pumping M&Ms behind the one-way mirror, Im monitoring the groups, the moderator and the client simultaneously. Its tough enough to manage the clients expectations and responses. Worrying about whether the moderator can effectively manage the content flow and the group dynamic makes the experience life threatening. Watching Tom moderate, I find myself constantly thinking, Wow, hes smart. I wish I thought of that. Hes the best." --George Scribner, Research Manager, Organic Inc.

The Facilitator's Fieldbook: Step-by-Step Procedures * Checklists and Guidelines * Samples and Templates

What is facilitation? Ironically, it's a difficult word that means "to make easy." When applied to businesses and organizations, facilitation means helping people work together in groups and teams to achieve their goals. But wait, you're probably thinking there's nothing easy about that--and until now you've been right. Most existing texts on facilitation (and there are lots of them) are theoretical, have too many complicated models, and lead to unnecessary confusion.

Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions

Consensus is fast becoming one of business' most popular-but most widely mis-understood decision-making models. By involving people in the decisions that impact their work, companies develop a passionate team of workers, one that is committed to a future they’ve helped shape. This useful guide leads managers, consultants, and facilitators through the consensus-building process.

Joint Application Development

From two leading JAD innovators—everything you need to become a first-class JAD facilitator If you're an IS professional, you've probably heard quite a bit over the past few years about JAD's

Facilitation Skills - Helping Groups Make Decisions

A comprehensive guidebook outlining the six steps to group decision making. The book includes practical advice on setting up the meeting room, use of flipcharts, building consensus, and handling conflict. Important information on do's and don 'ts and frequently asked questions are included in the text. Special emphasis is placed on the neutral role of the facilitator. An easy to follow format, this book is an essential tool for any community leader, as well as business manager, supervisor, or team leader.

The Big Book of Flip Charts

With all the razzle-dazzle technology around, there’s still no more lively, informative, and audience-friendly way to make an impact than with flip charts. But using flip charts well is a skill. Here’s a book that provides you with the proven techniques that will make you shine.

Practical Facilitation: A Toolkit of Techniques

A facilitator helps groups of people to enable them to interact more effectively in a wide range of situations and occupations, including workplaces, organizational planning, leisure and health activities and community development. Facilitation is an emerging and exciting profession.


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