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Intent or purpose: 
This is a fun introduction focusing on where people were born, currently live or went to school.
Used as component of: 
This can be used as an ice breaker or introduction for any training or facilitation event where geography may be important such as a national or international event.
Recommended size of group: 
Optimal amount of time needed: 
2 - 5 minutes
Usual or Expected Outcomes: 
People get to know each other in a different way.
Level of participation: 
High, people have to move about.
Level of Difficulty to Facilitate: 
No specific skills required
Setting and Materials: 
The room (or out door space) needs to be large enough for people to move about freely preferably without tables and chairs.
Resources Needed: 
Pre-Work Required: 

1. We want to do a short exercise based on a bit of geography. I hope that you will get to know your colleagues a bit better.
1. I would like each of you to move to a place in the room that represents the place of your birth <i>(this can vary depending on the group)</i>.<br>
2. The direction north is that way <i>(Point toward one end of the room. It is best if that direction actually is north as this will save some unnecessary discussion.)</i> Point south and say that direction is south, etc.<br>
3. The center of the room is where we are now.<br>
4. Now please move to the place where you were born. <i>Give the group some time to do this.</i><br>
5. Once the group is settled ask them to introduce themselves to those nearest to them.<br>
6. For groups fewer than 25 to 30 have everyone introduce themselves to the whole group and say where they were born. <i>(For larger groups have the groups select a spokesperson and have them name the cities everyone in their group is from.)</i><br>
7. Now we want you to move to the place on our imaginary map where you went to school. <i>(The facilitator can choose different kinds of places such as where they live now, were they were married, or where they were 10 yeares ago.)</i><br>
8. Repeat step 6.

1. Where is a place you have not heard of before?<br>
2. What is something that surprise you?<br>
3. What did you learn?<br>
4. Who is someone you would like to talk to?

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Derived from: 
Eve Jordan at S&N International in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
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Free (or unattributable)