Meet the Peanut Exercise

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Intent or purpose: 
Participants begin stretching their thinking about an everyday thing. This is used as preparation for a creativity exercise.
Used as component of: 
This exercise prepares participants for a creativity exercise.
Types of Participants: 
Recommended size of group: 
Optimal amount of time needed: 
3 Minutes
Usual or Expected Outcomes: 
many ideas about peanuts
Level of participation: 
Potential Pitfalls: 
Participants find it silly
How is success evaluated: 
Group has fun and many ideas are generated.
Level of Difficulty to Facilitate: 
No specific skills required
Setting and Materials: 
It is best for each participant to have a handful of peanuts in their shells. If that is not possible you can have a picture on a overhead slide or a picture in a workbook.
Pre-Work Required: 

Millions of people enjoy roasted peanuts. It is fun to crack open the shells and eat the tasty nuts. But have you ever looked very closely at the peanut?<br><br>
1. Examine the picture below, or better yet, get a handful of roasted peanuts in the shell. Study the peanut carefully. Try to make as many observations as you can in the next 5 minutes. <br>
2. <i>Give the group 5 minutes to do this initial brainstorm.</i><br>
3. Have you really stretched? What have you really observed about the peanut? Several high school students we have known have made 50 or more observations-on just the outside of the peanut!
3. What kind of information can you get from?<br>
?touching the peanut?<br>
-- Texture<br>
-- Shape<br>
-- Sharp/dull<br>
-- Temperature, etc. <br>
4. Look back at other kinds of information. What other means can you use to gather data about the peanut? <br>
5. What other kinds of information will those means help you obtain? <br>
6. List even MORE observations:<br>
7. <i>Give the group another 5 minutes to complete this brainstorm.<br><br>
1. Reflect about this exercise ? <br>
a. How did it feel to do the first part, the second? <br>
b. What in the exercise stretches us?<br>
c. What does this tell us about brainstorming?<br>
<i>You can use a handful of peanuts for each participant which is preferred. You can also use a photo.

How flexible is the process?: 
Not very
Follow-Up Required: 
Usually this is followed by a creativity session on the topic of the workshop.
Maureen Jenkins
History of Development: 

This was prepared for Game Changer of Shell International Exploration and Preparation.

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Imaginal Training Groningen Netherlands
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Imaginal Training Groningen Netherlands
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Imaginal Training Groningen Netherlands