Random Words

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Intent or purpose: 
To generate new ideas using randomly generated words and to experience being creative in a group setting.
Used as component of: 
This is a convergence method and can be used in a variety of workshops.
Types of Participants: 
Any who are willing to be a bit playful.
Recommended size of group: 
Optimal amount of time needed: 
6 - 12 minutes
Usual or Expected Outcomes: 
A number of creative ideas
Level of participation: 
Ideal Conditions: 
This is often used in product development processes.
How is success evaluated: 
Lots of new ideas.
Level of Difficulty to Facilitate: 
Facilitation skills required
Setting and Materials: 
People need to be seating at tables of 4 to 8 people. There should be a flipchart for each table.
Resources Needed: 
Flipcharts and markers.
Pre-Work Required: 
The focused question should be thought through.

1. This exercise is used to generate new ideas based on randomly generated words by the group.<br>
2. I would like to begin with asking what is a noun? (Person, place or thing).<br>
3. What is the difference between a common noun and a proper noun? (A proper now is the specific name of something such as I am Jon (a proper noun) and she is Glenda (also a proper noun). A common noun is a general name for something such as I am a man (the noun) and she is a woman (the noun).

1. Take 3 posits and on each one write a common noun. Try to make them as different as possible.<br>
2. When you have the three posits put them on this flipchart. Indicate the flipchart.<br>
3. When everyone has put their posits up say: ?We are going to work by tables for this exercise and so please select a representative. (Go around the tables and ask the representative to come up, turn their back to the flipchart so they cannot see it and to take three posits off the flipchart.) <br>
4. State the focus question. You might get examples of it from the group.<br>
5. Use the three cards your representative selected as the basis of answering the focus question. You have 30 minutes to do this in.<br>
6. When you have done assign someone from you team to report to the whole group.<br>
7. Are there any questions?<br>
8. When the 30 minutes are up ask for reports from the tables.<br>
9. Capture the new ideas on a flipchart.

1. Thank the group.<br>
2. Go to a convergence exercise.

1. .The group should be seating at tables of 4 ? 8 persons.<br>
2. Have a flipchart at the front of the room and one for each table

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Follow-Up Required: 
Move to a divergence method
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