Get Unstuck & Get Going

Get Unstuck & Get Going? on the stuff that matters is the new self-coaching tool for managers, coaches & trainers, and anyone who occasionally gets stuck. Get Unstuck & Get Going combines radical design with fundamental principles from coaching and creativity. It is a tool that is practical, inspirational and self-renewing.
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Get Unstuck & Get Going has been endorsed by the leaders of the coaching world. It has also been praised by thinkers and leaders of training and development in the corporate world from such companies as GlaxoSmithKline, Rolls Royce and Microsoft. "You have to love this book for its format alone, let alone its wisdom. It shows the impact of great design and how what is profound does not have to be obscure. ... Buy the book, give it to people you care about, and pick it up when you feel lost, which for most of us, is all the time." Peter Block Author, Flawless Consulting and The Answer to How is Yes


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