Content: the author and the Methods Database share the copyright

What is meant by content is any of the written material on the site or any written material generated by the site.

  1. Members may upload methods, files, links, news items, events or add to forums. By doing so they declare to have the copyright unless cited otherwise and if they have the copyright they agree that their submission may be (re)published by anyone in any form, if cited correctly.
  2. If they do not have the copyright, it is their responsibility to obtain permission to use the material in the way agreed to here.
  3. IAF-Methods Database reinforces this by requiring anyone republishing content from the site to make correct citations and maintain references to the original author.
  4. The editor monitors the quality of contributed content. See the Quality paragraph for details.

Methods: use may be restricted

What is meant by method is any of the processes described on this site as and when they are applied in a group situation. The following fields are on the Methods page for each of the methods. If no license level is entered it is assumed to be free.

  1. Closed: In order to use these methods you can hire the supplier to apply the method.
  2. Licensed: You can buy the rights to apply and distribute the method yourself. The owner of the method may insist on certification, training or other requirements.
  3. Open: The author allows you to apply, change and distribute the method (or a derivate of it), but 1) you must maintain a reference to the author, 2) you should publish your change notes (use the history field in the IAF-Methods Database), 3) you may not charge for the concept, 4) you may not impose restrictions on other people’s right to redistribute.
  4. Free: The source of the method is either cannot be attributed, or the author states that reuse is free from any restrictions.