IAF Methods Database Newsletter January 2012

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the first IAF Methods Database Newsletter for 2012!

It’s the time for new beginnings. Take some time this month to look forward to the whole year you have open ahead of you and consider how you’d like to use it!

Method of the Month
This month’s method is from the website eHow.com, where I was viewing ways to begin improvisation sessions. It struck me that this one could also work well as a warmup for any workshop group who is comfortable with a bit of informal interaction.
The Greeting Game.
To enable participants to loosen up with one another with humorous greetings.
Invent a series of ways for your participants to greet one another, such as:
• Greet one another as nerds
• Greet one another as hula dancers
• Greet one another as childhood friends
• Greet one another as ex-lovers
• Greet one another as cavemen
• Greet one another as cats
• Greet one another as rock stars.
• Greet one another as sumo wrestlers
• Greet one another as royalty
• Greet one another as dolphins
• Greet one another as celebrity chefs
• Greet one another as bikers
• Greet one another as the next top model contestants
• Greet one another as (various functions in the organization with which you’re working, such as Salespeople, HR, Purchasing, Design and development, etc.)
1. Have the group mill about in the room. Explain to the group that they will have 3 minutes to greet the first person they come to after the way of greeting is announced.
2. You, the facilitator, are the “caller”. Call out every 3 minutes a new way in which people should greet one another. After each greeting round, have participants mill about again to find another partner to greet.
Adapted from eHow.com, Matthew Milo.

Last Month's Poll

As an experiment, I’ve continued the November poll for two months. The new results follow the same trends as the first month, so I believe one month polls are probably sufficient. The poll raised the question, In interviewing someone to do facilitation, which of these questions would you be most likely to ask?
and the results are below:

What are the most common things you do in meetings?15%
How much do you know about this organization?4%

What other sessions have you facilitated that dealt with issues similar to this one?23%

How do you go about designing a session?58%

How did you become a facilitator?0%

Please remember to let us know any suggestion you may have for a poll!