IAF Methods Database Newletter April 2011

Hello, Facilitators!

Welcome to the April IAF-Methods Database Newsletter. This month’s Method of the Month is a very simple technique I use often in both face-to-face meetings and in teleconferences. We hope you find it useful in your practice!

Method of the Month

The Treasure Chest of Gifts


An alternative way of opening a meeting by asking for commitment from the participants.


In many workshops, participants make extended lists of what they expect, what they wish to accomplish and perhaps also what they will not tolerate from one another. While this is nice, you might also turn this around the other way from time to time.
As the group stands in a circle, describe to them the large, invisible chest that lies in the middle of the room. Say that you are asking each person to put into the chest one (or more) gifts they bring to share with the rest of the group during the meeting. Begin yourself with one thing you are bringing to put in the chest for everyone, and then have the rest of the group go around.
You can close this session by pointing out that there will be many more gifts and surprises in that box at the end than there are now.

Last Month's Poll

Last month’s Poll raised the question, What proportion of the sessions you facilitate are your own process designs?

The responses were:

I design most of my sessions on my own.
I design most of my sessions in co-operation with other facilitators and content experts.
I design most of my sessions in co-operation with the client.
Most of my sessions are process designs provided by the client.

If you have a suggestion for a poll please contact us!