July 2010

Welcome to the IAF Methods Database Newsletter! We apologize to those of you who have missed the newsletter the past few months. Our Editor Jon Jenkins passed away suddenly in April. We now have a new poll, some new methods and look forward to sharing methods among facilitators across the world!
Method of the Month
What would the founders say?
To use the spirit of the founders of the organization as inspiration for confronting today’s issues, perhaps as an opening to a strategic planning session.
1. After a story, film or presentation about the founding or early start-up of your organization, divide participants into teams of 5-7 people.

2. For each team, assign one of the persons involved in the beginning of the organization – this could include the founder him or herself, colleagues of the founder, competitors who sought to deal with the same issues in a different way, victims of the issues that your organization was founded to address and perhaps spokespersons for other organizations active at the time of founding.

3. Each team reflects on two questions:
What was this person’s perspective on what we were doing when this organisation began?
What would this person have to say to us today?

4. Teams report back their conversations and reflect:
What are points that struck you in this reporting?
What was encouraging for you? Uncomfortable?
How would you describe the times we are now in?
What should we take as priorities in our discussions today?

Last Month's Poll
The results are now in for last month's poll about Refreshments served during workshops – I normally:
Provide nothing -- participants buy or bring what they like. 14%
Provide coffee and tea 14%
Provide healthy snacks to stimulate thinking -- fruit, nuts, water, juices 57%
Provide delicious treats: cookies, chocolates, pastries 0%
Put candy on every table 14%

Questions for the Poll?
Lots of healthy meetings out there this month… If you have a question you would like to pose to your fellow facilitators in our monthly poll, please let us know. You might be surprised!