March 2010

Dear colleagues

Welcome to the IAF-Methods Database Newsletter. We hope your month was enjoyable.

This month we have added a new feature - a user and editor ranking of the methods. Any user can rank any of the methods. We hope this adds to the usefullness of the IAF Methods Database.


Getting to Know You

This is a good way of introducing a program when the participants know each other. They may know the person at work and believe they know a lot about each other. Often this is not true. They often see different dimension of their colleagues that they did not know.

You might use cards to put the facts on.

1. Before the session have each participant (including facilitators) to write on a card their name a fact about themselves that they think the group does not know. This should be non-threatening. Get 1-3 facts.
2. Randomize them into a list and print out the list.
3. At the start of the exercise pass out the lists.
4. Have everyone try to find out who each fact belongs to.

Last Month's Poll
The results are now available for the February poll about ”I use music in my facilitation:
I don't use music in my facilitation. 41%
At the opening of the session. 18%
During breaks. 0%
To announce the session is to resume. 6%
During individual work. 6%
During small group work. 6%
At celebrations 6%”
All of the above. 18%

If you have a suggestion for a poll please contact us.

Add Methods
We encourage all of you suppliers to add methods to the database.
Imagine if of us each added one method a month!
If you have a method and would like us to add it for you, please send a description of it (see the query page for the information) along with your name and website.

Have you "Shared a Method" this month?