February 2010

Welcome to the International Association of Facilitators Methods Database (IAFMD). We hope that your meetings and team events went well.

The Database

We continue to work on improving the database.

We are in the process of adding two new features. They are both ranking systems for the database. There is a User ranking for all of the methods. When you log on you can go to any method and click on the stars 1 - 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. These will be averaged as people rank the methods. This will be online in the next week or so.

The second is a editor's ranking. The editor will rank the methods. The Editor's Ranking is now on the site.

Your input has been especially helpful.

Method of the Month

Active Replay: Clarifying What Happened

Clarifying what happened by:
1. keeping everyone in the group informed about what others were doing (especially where a group has split into smaller units during an activity)
2. informing others outside the group about a group event (or possibly just to update the trainer following an independent exercise)
3. reconstructing a distant or complex event (to help people recall and relive the facts and feelings of an event)

When the sub groups of a larger group need to share some part of the work they have done while away from the larger groups,.

1. For each team sharing their activity divide the team into two sub groups. One subgroup takes the roles (people, objects, places, etc.) and re-enact what happened or a scene from different angles.

2. The other team members narriate the story of the event or clarify why it happened, how it happened, what the outcomes were and the conclusion.

3. Lead a discussion about the event.

This was found on Roger Greenway's site at http://reviewing.co.uk/actrev.htm. This site has lots of great ideas.

I would rank myself as a facilitator:

)% I am not a facilitator.

15% Novice: I am interested in facilitation and am learning to become one but I need more skills to lead a group.

10% Apprentice: I can effectively lead some simple to medium difficult group activities but need some supervision.

33% Journeyman/woman: I can lead most group activities without supervision.

21% Expert: I lead the most difficult of group activities successfully.

21% Master: I am a master of all aspects of facilitation with a wide range of skills. People look to me for guidance.