January 2010

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Method of the Month
wikki stix team building
This simple exercise sets the stage for some real work - establishing a precedent for individual and group creativity, for true collaboration, and for gentle, supportive humor.

Introduce the Wikki Stix. Such as, you can twist them together and make sculptures. But you can also stick them together and make sculptures. And you can kind of draw with them - and therein lies the executive-level, team-building relevance of it all.

1. Distribute a pack of Wikki Stix to each person in the team.

2. Ask each individual to make two shapes out of their Wikki Stix. Shapes can be flat or three dimensional. Shapes can made from one or several Wikki Stix.

3. Have them take turns sticking their shapes on the whiteboard. If possible, they should try to join their shape to some one else's shape. If not, they can place their shape somewhere else on the whiteboard.

4. Players are awarded two CPs (conceptual points) for adding to an existing shape, two more points for independent thinking for starting a new shape, and 200 for joining two shapes together.

5. Play two rounds, or until no one has any Wikkis to stick.

6. Then play a final "editorial" round, inviting each person to take a turn moving a stuck Wikkii from its stuck place to another. Finally, together, give the completed work a title, and take a digital photo of it.

You can also have each player use a pen or pencil to make a starting doodle or two, and then pass the papers around, using the Wikki Stix to add to the doodle.
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