October 2009

Welcome to the International Association of Facilitators Methods Database (IAFMD). We hope that your meetings and team events went well.
The Database


We now have a system to add 4 or 5 methods a week to the database. If you would like to add one of your favorite methods to the database please send an email with a discription of the method especailly the procedures for doing the method to the editor at editor@iaf-methods.org.

Method of the Month
Session Context
Intent of the process.
To explain the purpose, process and content of the workshop.
Setting and Materials:
This depends on the context. It can be as simple as a short talk to as complex as a day of films, slides, etc.
The context should be prepared as a presentation
Generally, the context covers at least some of the following:
1. Social beginning
...a. Introductions / Greetings
......1) This is different when the group is new and don't know each other.
......2) An existing group needs to make connections also but in a different way.
...b. Rituals are more important than we often realize.
......1) Handshakes
......2) Saying “Good morning” or its equivalen.
......3) Many meetings begin with the facilitator asking the group what their expectations for the meeting are.
2. The Agenda: Topic(s)
...a. Topic(s)
...b. Sequence
...c. The amount of time dedicated to each topic (at this time it is good to indicate what will happen if time is running short.
...d. Goal(s) for each topic.
3. Purpose
...a. Assignment giver’s (client's) purpose
...b. Group’s purpose
......1) Clarification
......2) Identification with the issue
......3) Hopes and Fears
...c. Multi-stakeholder purposes
...d. Types of purposes
......1) Deliverable (What is the concrete product of the session?)
......2) Goals (Rational Objective)
......3) Existential Aim
4. Process (How the session will be facilitated.)
...a. Agenda/Steps
...b. Sequence
...c. Timing
...d. Who is responsible for what
5. Ground Rules (There are different approaches to setting ground rules)
...a. No stated ground rules
...b. Group creates ground rules
...c. Facilitator creates ground rules


1. The context is very important in establishing the appropriate framework for the workshop.
If you have suggestions about methods let us know.

The Monthly Poll
This month’s poll is about how aware clients are of what facilitation is.
Facilitation has been difficult to explain to potential clients what it is. Now it is:
- Easier to explain – 44.0%
- More difficult to explain – 0.0%
- About the same as it has always been - 56%
- No problem because I don’t use the word - %