Don't let your partners down

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Method category: 
Intent or purpose: 
The goal of this exercise is to revitalize energies and to work jointly.
Used as component of: 
This method is used when the level of energy or participation is falling e.g. after lunch, when it’s hot, after a long presentation etc. and used to raise the focus and interest again.
Types of Participants: 
Any types of participants can be involved in this process.
Recommended size of group: 
Remarks about group size: 
The group can be of any size.
Optimal amount of time needed: 
The optimal time needed is estimated to be between ten and twenty minutes.
Usual or Expected Outcomes: 
After this method participants should be refreshed and focused again, and have had an experience of group work.
Level of participation: 
The participants must be willing to take part in the funny process.
Ideal Conditions: 
The room needs to be big enough to give all the participants the opportunity to catch the balloons.
Potential Pitfalls: 
If people are not willing to take part in the game it obviously does not work out.
How is success evaluated: 
The process is successful when no balloon touched the ground, but more importantly when the participants feel the refreshed again.
Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: 
A special Facilitator-Client Relationship is not neccesary as the group only needs to be instructed and supervised.
Level of Difficulty to Facilitate: 
Not set
Facilitator Personality Fit: 
This is a easy method that can be practised by anyone.
Setting and Materials: 
The only thing needed are 20% more balloons than participants.
Resources Needed: 
There are no additional resources needed.
Pre-Work Required: 
The balloons (number of participants + 20%) need to been blown up.

1. All the balloons need to be blown up. Participants can be asked to help.

1. All the balloons have to be thrown in the air. Again, one can ask for help.
2. The participants have to organize themselves in order to make sure that no balloon (partner) falls down and touches the ground.

The game is over whenever the facilitator feels that the participants are refreshed.

How flexible is the process?: 
The process is very flexible, as it can help to freshen up the mood after presentations, in workshops or anything alike.
Follow-Up Required: 
There is no follow-up requiered, except for disposing the balloons.
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