Changes per section introduced by the May 2009 database migration

The May 2009 migration of IAF Methods Database to the Drupal platform was a change to do a lot of improvements in one project. Here's a summary.


We have changed the format of the page. We hope that you like it. If you have pictures of facilitator that you would like to have on the front page, please, send them to


We have simplified the Forum Section by putting a comments field in every method description. New Forum Topics are easier to start and comment on.


We think that there are approaches to facilitation with unique sets of assumptions, values and methods. The Schools Section is a beginning of what we hope is a discussion about these approaches. Please feel free to add.


This page has also been reformatted. As you can see, there is a new search filter. We hope this reflects how people like to search.


We have created a new format for the Suppliers Section. We hope that this will help those looking for facilitators an easier way of finding one. We thought that if people could search by country, city and the region of the world that they work in, it would be helpful. Multiple regions can be selected by holding the “control” down while selecting. There is a link to Google maps.


A number of students have done research on the IAF Methods Database over the past couple of years. This section provides them a place where they can post their work both while being done and when finished.


The Downloads Section has been reformatted. You can search by category. All of the methods downloads have been moved to the specific method they were associated with.


The Biblio(graphy) Section is a wide range of sources about facilitation, collaboration, team building, etc. You can add and look up books, articles, journals, magazine, thesis, etc.


These are web sites of interest to facilitators.


A list of key words linked to the Bibliography and Methods.


The Frequently Asked Questions Section is just that the questions and answers to questions users have. Both questions and answers can be searched for.


This section contains contract information and IAFMD information and policy.

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