Jon Jenkins


Jon Jenkins was the founder, inspirator and editor of the IAF Methods Database, and the author of a large number of methods published here. He passed away April 2010, age 67.

Early 2004 Jon had an idea. Together with Maureen he had been into group facilitation methods for quite long. Being innovators in the field, Jon and Maureen had also developed many methods themselves, often as custom setups for complex international meetings for companies like Shell. It had grown to a collection that was worth sharing. A team was formed to build an online database.

The IAF Methods Database opened early 2005. It contained some 100 methods, all edited by Jon. The database was an instant success and colleagues from the IAF responded with enthusiasm:

• Congratulations on taking an idea that has been floating around for years and making it real.
• This is fabulous, Jon! A grand [member] benefit - can't wait to see the response [from the membership] - both using and giving. Many thanks!
• Jon, The [IAF-Methods] Database is great! It is a realization of a dream for sharing knowledge that has been a part of IAF since the beginning. Thank you!
• This is incredible! Thank you for your dedication. I know that this will be one of the most important contributions we as an association will make to facilitators world-wide.

By 2010 the database had grown to well over 500 methods. 300 of those were edited by Jon and over 70 were actually developed by him or Maureen. The database started as a volunteer project, but now receives regular funding so it can grow further. The site counts over 6000 registered users and newsletter are sent to 2000 subscribers each month. Over 4000 websites worldwide present a link to the database. Numerous people in the field appreciate this rich source of knowledge, “Jon’s Database”.

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